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Number Porting

Number Porting is a service offered by Data Fanatics that allows customers to transfer their existing phone numbers from one service provider to another. With this feature, customers can maintain their existing phone numbers even if they switch to a different provider, without having to go through the hassle of changing their phone numbers and notifying their contacts. This service is particularly useful for businesses that have established their phone numbers with their customers, as it allows them to maintain their brand identity and customer relationships.

Data Fanatics’ Number Porting feature works by coordinating with the customer’s existing service provider to transfer the phone number to Data Fanatics’ network. The process typically takes a few days to complete, and customers can continue to use their existing phone number during this time. Once the transfer is complete, the customer’s phone number will be fully functional on Data Fanatics’ network.

Overall, Data Fanatics’ Number Porting feature provides customers with greater flexibility and control over their phone numbers, making it easier for them to switch service providers without having to deal with the hassle of changing their phone numbers.