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Call Hunting

At Data Fanatics, we offer a call hunting feature that allows incoming calls to be redirected to multiple phone lines until they are answered. This is particularly useful for businesses or organizations with multiple departments or employees who need to be reachable by phone.

When a call comes in, the system will first try to connect to the primary phone line. If that line is busy or unanswered, the call is automatically rerouted to the next available line in the sequence. This process continues until the call is either answered or reaches the end of the sequence.

Our call hunting feature ensures that important calls are never missed and helps improve customer satisfaction by ensuring that callers are quickly connected to the appropriate party. Additionally, it can also help businesses streamline their call management process by reducing the need for manual call forwarding and minimizing the risk of missed calls or lost business opportunities.

Overall, our call hunting feature is an effective tool for businesses of all sizes looking to improve their communication and customer service capabilities.