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Call Detail Records

Call detail records (CDRs) are a feature provided by Data Fanatics that tracks information related to phone calls made through their service. This feature captures data such as the calling and called party’s phone numbers, the time and date of the call, the duration of the call, and any additional call-related information.

CDRs provide valuable insights into phone usage patterns, call traffic volume, and the efficiency of call routing within an organization. This data can be used to optimize call handling procedures, improve customer service, and identify potential security threats.

With Data Fanatics’ CDR feature, administrators can easily access and analyze call data, and generate reports to gain a deeper understanding of their organization’s calling habits. This feature can also be used to monitor phone usage for billing and auditing purposes.

Overall, Data Fanatics’ CDR feature is a powerful tool for organizations looking to optimize their phone systems and gain insights into their communication patterns.