Mail setup in any client software

  • June 12, 2017
Outlook []
Outlook Express []
Thunderbird []

Our servers should support any and all email clients alike, the methods used to setup the accounts can be different and we may not have documentation handy to walk you through every email client.  If we do not provide instructions feel free to contact us at support <at> and we will work to get you the instructions you need.

POP3 mail server: (or
SMTP mail server: (or

POP3 Port: 110
POP3 SSL Port: 995

SMTP Port: 25 (Port 26 for those using an internet service that filters port 25)
SMTP SSL Port: 587

Username always be your full email address (, the only exclusion from this rule would be if you are checking the master account for your domain hosting account.

Outgoing email requires authentication, so please be sure to mark this setting in your email client!!!

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